I am not a Trump supporter. However, I am absolutely committed to the concept of driving a stake through the heart of the execrable, corrupt, Clinton Machine.

It is therefore especially delicious to sit here tonight, watching the stunned and sad network media faces discussing the impending collapse of the disgusting, criminal, and mentally diseased Clinton presidential campaign.

Wow! Did not think this would happen at all (Trump hasn’t been declared the winner, but it’s looking more and more inevitable).

Gonna be a weird four years, but it hopefully won’t be be a Clinton four years.

That’s a win, in my book.

NOTE: The following was written after a few beers:

PS: To Hell with you, Establishment G.O.P.. you totally missed the mood of the country. I think I’m done with you.

PPS: To everyone embarrassed about how the U.S. is viewed around the world: Who the hell cares? I don’t give a shit what the world thinks of America. They don’t understand freedom. They don’t understand liberty. We don’t depend on them. They depend on us. They don’t understand America, therefore they have no standing to criticize America.

Update: 11:40 P.M.: News networks have just declared the race goes to Trump with 274 electoral votes.

Suck it, HILLARY!! Please go away forever, and take your husband with you.

Also, go to hell, President Obama.


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