Moose at 150 yards


Out on our morning walk last Thursday, the dogs and I were moving west along the power line. I turned around to check for any trees that might need to come down and saw, about 150-200 yards east, a big ole’ moose (I only had my iPhone with me and it doesn’t have the clarity of my real camera, but you can see him to the right behind the power pole).

I think it may have been a bull, but at that distance and with all the morning mist it was hard to distinguish a rack. It stood there watching us, or rather with moose eyesight that is probably worse than mine, perhaps it was listening to us.

Fortunately the dogs didn’t notice, and we continued on our two mile walk.

We see moose out here somewhat frequently; I’d say at least two or three times a year. I’ve actually seen moose more often than elk, though I’ve seen lots of elk scat. This is possibly because the elk are concerned with our presence, while the moose generally don’t give a shit.

Fond memory: Beorn is just a wee pup (about 60 lbs.) he sees a moose out in the wheat field and gives chase. I’m yelling for him to come back. He’s ignoring me. The moose is running for tree cover, and Beorn is running right alongside him, not barking, but right up next to the moose’s head, like a pestering kid asking him annoying questions.

I’m always keeping an eye out for moose on our walk. This guy was almost 200 yards away. When I see a moose that far away, unless we’re on a collision course, I do nothing. When I see a moose 100 yards away, I think about altering my plans. When I see a moose less than 100 yards away, I turn the hell around.


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