Sick Week

It’s been a week since I started feeling crappy.

Last Friday it began with a sore throat and sinus congestion.

We spent four hours outside on Saturday splitting and stacking firewood to get us through January. The temperature was in the low 20’s (F), and I was achy and exhausted afterwards.

Sunday I relaxed as much as I could but I could tell where this was heading.

I spend Monday stoned on cold medicine, staring blankly at my computer and wondering what I was doing upright.

I spent Tuesday shivering under a blanket on the couch, drifting between sleep and feverish ambivalence to everything around me.

Wednesday was spent experimenting with cold medicine to find the right combination. I decided I hate meth-heads even more now. it’s because of those assholes that I can’t find any effective decongestant without going to the counter and informing the government that I am really sick. No, Really. Honest injun. And I need some pseudoephedrine, not that phenyl-something crap you keep on the aisles.

Today I hope to sleep in our bed and not exiled into the second bedroom where I’ll have to survive under the super insulated down-comforter, or as I call it, the Single Serving Person Oven (insert your own poorly conceived Auschwitz joke here). I slept there last night. It was the coldest night of the year, and I was drenched in sweat all night long.

Last week, everyone was saying how they were looking forward to 2017 after such an awful 2016. But from my experience so far, 2017 hasn’t been all that great.


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