Change I can believe in

Everyone is talking about how crazy the world has become recently. They’re right. Things are completely nuts.

It’s so crazy I find it hard to make sense out of anything, which is disconcerting. How can I maintain my equilibrium in such a topsy-turvy bat shit crazy-assed world? Well, it’s important to recognize there’s nothing written that says everything has to make sense or always stay the same. Change is the only constant in the universe; that is, until it reaches peak entropy and the accompanying heat death. At that point, nothing will happen ever again. It will be just like soccer. And Congress.

Fortunately, Universal Heat Death is a long way off (unless you live in Tucson, where I hear it’s a Dry Heat Death), so I’m not talking about that. At any rate, it’s far in the future and nothing to worry about.

Here in the present, ever-changing world, the changes seem to be coming faster and faster; and with each new change, the things we thought were permanent are chipped away in bigger chunks and with increasing speed. Who knows when it will all topple over, but lots of people — including yours truly — are thinking it may happen much sooner than we were thinking yesterday. The smart money is on next Tuesday.

So, what to do?

For starters, it helps to remember even with change constantly fondling you like Joe Biden, or ruining everything it touches like the sticky residue of CNN’s Trump impeachment wet dreams, unless you’re a “Me too!” kind of person, there’s no reason you have to change as well. Change is usually optional, not mandatory. Hell, I still have cassettes, though I’ve sadly relinquished my vinyl albums and 8-track tapes (and I’m gonna really miss The Best of Bread). And since change is optional, I don’t have to accept Rompers for Men, much less wear them, though I’m told they flatter my shapely buttocks.

I resist the craziness around me by not changing unless I see a good reason for it, and by staying true to certain fundamental beliefs. These are beliefs I consider completely non-negotiable — they are impervious to any counter argument you can make, even on Facebook.

Chief among these is my belief that Western Civilization (WC) is superior, and has done more for all of humanity than any other culture. I’m not saying it’s perfect. I’m just saying it’s better than everything else (especially Islam). No real argument can be made that the achievements of Western Civilization in science, technology, arts, literature, philosophy and ethics have not improved the lives of nearly everyone on the planet. The fact that you are reading this right now is proof of Western Civilization’s superiority. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise because you can’t.

Hand in hand with my belief in the superiority of WC is my belief that the United States is the best practical expression of Western Civilization’s ideals. Again, I’m not saying the U.S. is perfect. I’m just saying it’s better than any other country. Ever. And I’m not saying this out of some redneck flag-waving Make America Great Again yahoo hick’s sense of misplaced patriotism (what’s a “yahoo” anyway?). I’m saying it because I believe it to be true. I have many good reasons for this belief, which I can detail some other time, but for now I’ll single out one BIG reason why the U.S. is superior: The First Amendment.

Perhaps there are others which came later, but the U.S. was the first nation to acknowledge everyone’s inherent right to say disagreeable things.

Today there are a lot of people saying disagreeable things, and that’s fine because “disagreeable” is a matter of opinion.

But what’s not fine is the current trend on college campuses and (other venues) to shut up those with differing opinions. The ignorance manifested on the part of the students screeching at and intimidating anyone who offers alternative thoughts is something I never thought I’d see on a campus of higher learning. But as surprising as that may be, even more shocking is the lack of support for free speech by the faculty, who by their silence (and occasional partnership) acquiesce in and approve these acts of dimwitted student-led totalitarianism and thuggery. As for the lack of administrative support, from my experience with bureaucrats, it’s disappointing but not surprising.

To the extent they are fighting for anything other than a narcissistic delight in destruction, these student thugs are not fighting for safe spaces. They aren’t fighting against institutional racism. They aren’t fighting White Privilege. These ugly foul-mouthed spoiled brats are fighting against Western Civilization and all it has achieved. They and all the stupid antifa cowards are fighting for a world dedicated to their absurd Utopian vision; a world in which free speech is muzzled and RightThink reigns.

So is WrongThink going to be a thing now? Is that the new change that’s coming? The view from some college campuses makes it look that way. For some, it may already be here.

I don’t have a solution. If it were up to me, I’d ship all those doughy college rats off to boot camp with R. Lee Ermey. Maybe he could kick some sense into them. Some of them would definitely benefit from the sit-ups.

What’s clear is that we can’t stand by and watch our country and civilization slowly be replaced by something created in the dope-fueled fever dreams of coffeehouse anarchists and spoiled children (but I repeat myself). We have to act. We have to speak out while we still can.

De-funding Evergreen State College would be a good start.

For me, that’s a change I can believe in.


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