Moose at fifty yards!


I’ve been playing Hide & Seek with a couple moose for the last few weeks. Because of that, I’ve been pretty good about bringing a small digital camera on our morning hikes. But of course, today all I had was my iPhone.

I know a lot of people love their smartphone cameras, and to be sure they take decent snapshots and are very convenient. But as a tool for taking a good shot of a moose at least fifty yards away, an iPhone sucks monkey balls.

I came across this beast along with her calf while descending from the top of a hill the dogs and I do every day. We were halfway down the hill and I called an immediate retreat, turning and heading back up and around.

Fortunately, my dogs didn’t think to give chase. Beorn is inclined to be lazy and is somewhat indifferent to wildlife. Boris lost much of his eyesight last year from an illness and so he spends most of his time trying not to bump into trees. They were happy to stick with me back up the hill, mainly because I always have treats.

I think a good moose photo would be a great treat, but honestly even my small pocket Canon probably wouldn’t do much better than my iPhone. No, if I’m going to have any hope of getting a decent photo of these two, I’m going to have to start hauling my big Canon 70D with all my lenses up and down the hills. That camera bag adds a good 10-15 pounds, which should be quite the cardiovascular pleasure.

Then again, if I were truly committed to my iPhone, I would hike on over to the 600+ pound moose protecting her calf and ask her to pose for a selfie; the problem is I don’t think my medical insurance would cover all the necessary reconstructive surgery.