Bloomsday 2018 Poster

Today the folks at Bloomsday unveiled the Official 2018 Bloomsday Souvenir Poster. Once again it was designed and illustrated by yours truly. This is the thirteenth Bloomsday poster I have created and the twelfth in a row. Not that I'm bragging but… well, yeah, I guess I'm bragging.

I'm very pleased with this year's illustration. Things were a bit slow this winter for SIGMA, so I was able to take my time and really put together an outstanding effort on the illustration. Though it's never my goal to create a photographic image (if that were the case, I'd be a photographer instead of an illustrator), nevertheless, several people have asked me about the "photo for the poster" and whether I "ran it through a filter" to make it look like a painting.


The truth is that this poster is an illustration created digitally, as all my illustrations are, using Corel Painter software and a Wacom Cintiq monitor.

Like most realist illustrators, I use photos as references only to keep me on track regarding proportions and shadows. I refer to them like I would models in order to create a likeness. So the final image is not a photo manipulation, but is in fact an honest to gosh illustration.

I'm not insulted by those whose first thought is that I used photos as images. I actually think it's quite a compliment, suggesting that I have done a good job creating an illustration reflective of, but not bound by reality.


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