Bloomsday 2018: Running with the Devil

Bloomsday was yesterday.

I was there, doing what I do every Bloomsday. That is, I was shooting photos for next year's Bloomsday marketing. I've been doing it since the last century. That always sounds impressive, but really it's only been 23 years.

I used a setting on my camera (AI Servo + High Speed Continuous) which shoots continuous images while maintaining focus on the object I select. What I do is select a subject and once that subject is in focus, depressing the shutter button initiates a continuous burst of images. It's the photographic equivalent of a full-auto firearm, but without the need for ear protection. Also, the chance of death is a lot less, because it's a camera and not a gun.

Anyway, using that setting allowed me to get some great sequences of shots, from which I can select the best versions depending on my need. I like having options.

In total, I ended up with a total 2417 images.

This was one of them:


The thing you need to know about this photo is that nobody gets to choose their specific number for Bloomsday. So this guy got his number on Friday or Saturday and decided it called for a special wardrobe. Awesome! There were other people in costumes yesterday as well, but because his costume and number were in sync, he won Bloomsday as far as I am concerned.

Also, can anyone explain why Abraham Lincoln ran Bloomsday? I only took one shot of Lincoln. Historically that's all one needs.