Bloomsday 2018 Poster


5BILLZ Truck Art

Creating tightly-rendered vector art for a custom truck illustration.

King Beorn

Beorn is a fine looking dog, and he knows it.


Let me bore you with my latest dream!

Moose at a Hundred Yards!

Good camera equipment won’t magically make your wildlife photos better, but it helps.

Moose at fifty yards!

Taking crappy wildlife photos is easy with an iPhone. Here’s a good example!

Who Owns the Project Files?

Questions and answers regarding ownership of project files and documents. It’s not boring! It’s fascinating! Really!

Christmas Hugs

An illustration I provided so The Kid could alienate her coworkers. I’m helpful like that.

Outlaw this, fart-hammers!

In which I stretch my First Amendment rights to the breaking point belittling a couple pseudo-intellectuals. My! My! That was fun!