Open Mike Thursday!

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Open Mike on global warming. I frequently write jokes in groups, but only one can fit in a strip, so this is the first strip in a three-part series which will continue next ... Read More

Family stories

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The first time I took my wife to the ocean with my family, we went to Kalaloch, on the Washington coast. That was "our" place for ocean camping, having gone there as a ... Read More

Open Mike Wednesday!

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Open Mike is a weekly comic strip featuring the observations of a struggling standup comic. Created by Steve Merryman, who knows what it's like to tell bad jokes to empty rooms, Open Mike ... Read More

Our special guest

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A couple things… First, we've got a special guest this weekend. His name is Guinness, and he makes Boris look like a medium-size dog. He keeps wanting to climb in bed with us, ... Read More

Creating SAD art


Here in Spokane, January and February are by far the most depressing and dreary of months. The fog rolls in; the temperature is monotonously cold, ranging only from the upper 20's to low ... Read More