Wednesday Links

Here are some links I've found interesting in the last few days: Why Millions of Americans own the AR-15. Some good information here that ... Read More

Swimfish Poster

Swimfish Poster
Swimfish is a band out of the Portland area. One of the members is my good friend, colleague, and former boss, Don Woodward. He ... Read More

Spain, Japan, or Nigeria

I get emails. Oh, do I get emails. In the mountain of spam that accumulates weekly, I occasionally find a missive worthy of reply. ... Read More

Goodbye Facebook

I recently deactivated my Facebook account. This is one step short of completely deleting my account. I might delete it in the future, or ... Read More

Be careful what you wish for

Dude: "I am sooooo sick of Muslims in the news. All day. Every day. Ayatollahs; Mullahs; terrorists; Islamists. I wish there was something else ... Read More

It’s Thursday Shorts!

Not much time lately for blogging. I thought this May might be a typically slow one, like it has always been, in which I ... Read More

Las Vegas Diary

I hate traveling. I like being in other places, but getting there is a pain in the ass. We came to Las Vegas to ... Read More