I'm Steve Merryman, and this is my buddy, Boris.

For thirty-four years I've made my living as a graphic designer and illustrator. I experienced great success and won over ninety awards for excellence. But I've discovered that what I REALLY love to do is create amazing portraits of pets and other critters.


As a result, I've (perhaps foolishly) decided to take my career in a new direction. Yep. Pet portraits. Hire me to create a portrait of your little buddy whether it be furry, feathered, scaly, slimy, spiny or whatever (I even do cats, but don't tell my dogs).

You supply the photos. I create the portrait. There's no obligation: If you love it, buy it.

beorn waiting boris in bed
After 50-some years of observing and interacting with people, I’ve decided I prefer animals. The problem is, animals don’t have money to pay me. So I picked the next best thing: convincing people to pay me to paint their animals.
I am soooo clever.Steve Merryman, Illustrator

Easy Ordering

Place your order and upload 3-5 photos. That’s it!

No Obligation

You only buy it if you love it. The pressure is all on me.

All Critters Welcome!

Mammals. Fish. Birds. Reptiles. In-laws. I can do them all.

PetArtWorks Grand Opening Special Offer!

To help me get PetArtWorks off the ground and keep my dogs in biscuits, I'm knocking $50 off my price.

In return all I ask is that you help spread the word about PetArtWorks to all your pet-loving friends at home, work, on Facebook, church, the mall, street corners, etc. Be a real nuisance (because that's how you get ahead these days).

Consider that $50 my way of paying you back for all your help.






  • 8" x 10" print
  • Double Matted
  • Fits in standard 11x14 frame (not included)
  • Love it before you buy it!
  • Shipped USPS upon payment (to U.S. only)

Use the promo code "DEBUT2018" when ordering

*plus $20 shipping


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PetArtWorks Samples

Coming Soon: Canvas Prints and Custom Sizes!

I've been busting my hump (speaking of which, I'd love to paint a camel if you got one) getting PetArtWorks this far just so I can start bringing in some needed biscuit money. Now that PetArtWorks is up with a Standard Portrait offer, I'm working on adding custom sizes and gallery-wrapped canvas prints, which I hope to have ready to go in the next week or so. maybe then I'll move on to coffee cups and T-shirts (Just kidding! Or am I?)

A Note Regarding Photos

In order to create a great portrait, I need you to send me good reference photos, so please read my Photo Guidelines before ordering so you will know what I look for in reference photos.

How Does this all work?

It really is as simple as I say. You just fill out the order form, upload 3-5 photos, and wait for me to send you a low resolution proof. If you love it, buy it. Here's the process in detail.

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated

My dream of becoming a full-time pet portraitist won't happen without your help. Please share this page on your social media accounts and anywhere else that is appropriate.

Share PetArtWorks! Who's a good boy!